babbling in my new love language

hello my deer

One month ago, we said hello to our new wee godson.

I was racing the stork neck to neck but since baby was born early, I didn’t quite finish my mama/baby gifts in time for the birth. I was still sewing the bias tape 5 minutes before we biked over early Christmas morning to bewonder baby R.

batik quilt

It was the first time I had ever attempted to sew a start-to-finish quilt, so I kept it simple with blocks of Javanese batik and a smattering of embroidery on the back.


I myself will choose a kind, thoughtful word over presents any day, but the enjoyment I get from  creating special handmade gifts is huge. I’m already dreaming up a new top-secret present project to be debuted in the spring.

Do you have any present projects in the making? Or that are still twinkles in your eye?