use the force, Luke

white on white

Usually I’m a sucker for reds and purples, jute rugs, dark wood and second-hand kitsch when it comes to interior design, but the crisp minimalist sensibility is growing on me with each snowy walk I take. Suddenly I’m fantasizing turning my house on its head and painting everything gleaming white.

But as soon as I stamp the snow from my boots and fall back into our cocoon of batik and rotan and such comfortable mismatched muss, I plunk out of my pristine Scandinavian reverie and vow anew that I will never succumb to the white side Ikea aesthetics.

If this sounds highbrow and haughty, it’s just because the Jedi Academy schooled me in badassery rather than tidiness.  To this day I suffer from a debilitating vacuum cleaner phobia.