SPRING FORWARD — recording in Provence

Groundhog Day came and went, and I’m just now poking my head out of the thawing earth with the crocuses, after a long hibernation from the public eye.

I spent this last bit of winter in a creative time warp after a series of unusual events threw me the opportunity to record an album in the south of France. Or rather, threw me into.  It’s been like looking up the funnel of a maelstrom from its deepest point – so. much. water. rushing. down.


A month later, I’m still in awe of that indescribable creative x-factor that sweeps in when you bring the right people in the right place with the right musical gear together.





In the wee hours of our last night in Provence, we sat and listened through the eight tracks. Eyes closed, lips purpled by the estate’s sweetest vintage, subwoofers on…we were transported.

So that’s what I’ve been up to — hello from behind the mixing table, and I hope you’re having a creative spring, too.




The first photo by yours truly, the rest by Maurice Vogt.