hangover tisane

Work hard. Play hard.

Both of which I did last week.

Very, VERY enthusiastically.

Here’s a little remedy I drink when I feel under the weather, worked to the bone, or when I’ve simply had too much of a certain someone’s infamous  sangria to function the next day.


Lemon, maple syrup (or honey), and fresh ginger come together to shoo the hangover blahs away.

Ginger soothes your stomach, lemon helps get your liver back into tip-top shape and detoxifies the rest of your system. Honey will boost your sorry state with vitamins, and maple syrup with minerals. A pinch of salt to help rehydrate you, and voila! You’re back in business!

Well, almost….


I’m going to retire to my nest of blankets with a carafe of this tisane, my cat and some Downton Abbey episodes now.  Over and out!


PS. Any pick-me-ups you swear by that I can add to my arsenal?