of more evil habits

Get ready for another round of confession — it was simply too therapeutic to admit to you yesterday that I have a roving literary eye.

Here it goes: I always skim the last few pages of a book before I start reading it.

Are you horrified? Before you boo me off the stage or excommunicate me, wait!

I feel betrayed by surprises. I’m fascinated instead by the slow build-up of tension, by the foreshadowing hinting at impending catastrophe. I like knowing what the catastrophe will be so that I can appreciate all the exquisite warning signs the author has put in place. Really, I just like to pretend that we’re tight, me and the author.

And okay. There may be a wee bit of “Don’t tell ME how to read!” rebellion in my bones. I’m a first-born. I can’t help it.

Do you have any controversial (reading) quirks?