of neighbour antics

Dear manling in #17,

Dude. I know that certain challenges are attached to your situation, and we are totally sympathetic. It must be very grueling as a privileged young male student living alone in a kitted-out, lady-attracting loft.

How much more commendable, then, that you’re pursuing your philanthropic vision to provide the community with free entertainment.

We are so grateful that you fling wide your balcony doors at 11 pm, ostensibly to cool off, but really to share your staggering sound system with the whole street below.

We love it when you keep us awake and grooving until after midnight with your discerning selection of R&B, rap, and top-40 hits.

The highlight of my evening is that moment when I crawl to the window and peer up through the blinds hoping this amazing DJ service will never stop, and I see you strutting through your room bare-chested like a benevolent prince, backlit by the glow of your colossal flat-screen.

I know I speak on behalf of the whole neighborhood when I say that it warms the cockles of my heart to see young people actively practicing the Golden Rule so early in life, so keep all this good-neighbourliness up.

— your number #1 fans across the street