of snaps

The Muss has been quiet this week — one of my dearest childhood friends is visiting from New Zealand, and we have been scuttling around, stuffing her and her husband with as much Europeanness as we can before they leave tomorrow.

we kayaked to a teahouse in the middle of an enchanted forest

we bounced from concert to cathedral to canal

we jumped on the train to the caffeinated and chic Antwerp, our favorite Belgian city

where we drank ginger-spiced coffee in Caffenation’s amazing new location

indulged in some touristy nonsense

and devoured crisp-on-the-outside, custardy-on-the-inside, powdered-to-oblivion waffles.

 Meanwhile with the mild summery evenings upon us, we’ve been doing an awful lot of this:

You have a fantastical weekend ahead of you — I can feel it in my bones. Let go of a plan or two, and enjoy!