of minding the gap, or the mad middle men

Photo: AMC

Poodle skirts. Bodacious beehive hair. Pastel kitchen appliances. Midcentury décor. Man Men frenzy. The 50’s are back with a vengeance, and it’s no wonder – they were utterly charming.

And this charm is not lost on me, self-professed sucker for all of the above.

Charm aside, though? The 50’s were one big gilded altar to the Goddess of Convenience. Cans, packets, preservatives, mixes, casseroles, quick, now, easy became building blocks of normal life.

I find it at once fascinating and terrifying how just a few decades of this sort of “normal” managed to annihilate our birthright of connection to the things we consume.

I’m on the prowl for ways to cut out the sinister middle men and reorient myself towards the natural, the (w)holistic, the thoughtful, the homemade. I know it’s chic to talk that talk. But I really mean it.

I’m darning my socks. I’m making yoghurt. I’m buying second-hand when I can. I’m switching out Gucci for patchouli. I’m not a self-righteous hipster calling for regime change. Or maybe I am.

I’m just saying…let’s give the Convenience Goddess a subversive nudge and watch in glee as she slips off her throne.