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ladies of leisure

       it’s such a rainy, brooding afternoon and such quintessential blogging weather that i just can’t take it anymore. alright, alright. see me waving my little white flag? let’s parley.  … Continue reading

thanksgiving blues [Spiced Pumpkin & Amaranth Bread]

It was just another Wednesday night around these parts. No turkey and no brine bath. No pies in the oven. No bread proofing. Instead of being jampacked with sweet potato ring and wild… Continue reading


I guess I thought I’d be a little more jaded by my fifth Western Hemisphere autumn, but it shocks me still – the way the colour jumps out of the trees and yells… Continue reading

Cranberry Suckerpunch Smoothie

You wake up longing for autumn flavours in a summery skin. So you army-crawl into the kitchen and before your blender knows it you’re pulling out the big guns  – zingy cranberries, dates, bee… Continue reading

lowercase days

sometimes i write in lowercase because it feels like i have nothing epic or loud or brave to say. especially these days, which have me circling in a weird holding pattern over several… Continue reading

of the North

You may have noticed that things have slooooowed doooooown a bit here recently. Don’t worry. I haven’t forsaken you completely. Just partially. I’ve been stitching new patterns and eating berries and flying kites (the… Continue reading

of orange blood

Holland is a frenetic orange mess this month – the European Football Championship (soccer for you yanks) is upon us! A few weeks ago, I started noticing whole neighborhoods stringing up orange flags… Continue reading

of a little fanfare

In the great wide blogosphere, we find ways to give each other kudos and shout-outs and direct some deserved attention to those who brighten our lives, stretch our minds, and remind us of… Continue reading

of mums

I’m not British. But when I was 12 and at the height of my Jane Austen phase (which has yet to fully pass), I memorized Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 in a BBC accent and… Continue reading

of citrus and wistfulness

We made a cake last night, me and my trustiest baking pal. We zest oranges and sift flour. We watch through the spattered oven window as the layers golden, and we fan our… Continue reading

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