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Of the 1-inch picture frame

A friend  asked me a few days ago why each of my posts is titled “Of….” My hero Anne Lamott has a tiny, 1-inch picture frame hanging above the desk where she sits… Continue reading

of grazing

What kind of reader are you? I’m a grazer – always nuzzling about for a juicier blade of grass, a greener clump of leaves – and there is an ever-shifting clutch of books… Continue reading

of Kinfolk

Sit down, quiet yourself, and watch this all the way through. (Don’t worry, it’s short!) Are you as moved as I am? I am so grateful for flashes of kindredness like this that… Continue reading

of the furtive nap

There is a house, a napping house, where everyone is sleeping. In this hilarious book from my childhood, “everyone” is a snoring granny, a dreaming child, a dozing dog, a snoozing cat, a… Continue reading

of the secret power of compliments

I rode Lotje languidly to the coffeeshop this morning, locked her to an obliging telephone pole, and stumbled in. My bright-eyed friend looked up from her newspaper, gave me a once-over, and told me I… Continue reading

of the slow and simple lunch

I like slow days – the kind where I don’t shoo myself out of the house until one p.m., having spent the morning on some epic domestic task like turning a stale loaf… Continue reading

of blah extermination, or DIY shoe graffiti

Sometimes it feels like I’m coasting on dreamy weekend vibes until Wednesday. My trusty steed Lotje and I have been floating around town, stoned on unexpected March sunshine. I’m not sure you’ve met… Continue reading

of minding the gap, or the mad middle men

Poodle skirts. Bodacious beehive hair. Pastel kitchen appliances. Midcentury décor. Man Men frenzy. The 50’s are back with a vengeance, and it’s no wonder – they were utterly charming. And this charm is… Continue reading

of winter and make-believe

When Lucy stumbles into the magical land of Narnia, she finds it in a state of perpetual, bitter cold – a curse has made it always winter but never Christmas. How I envied… Continue reading

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