quick fix colour

My mother-in-law is fearless when it comes to colour. A weekend at her house feels like a vacation in the Caribbean.

(For more mouthwatering glimpses into her home, hop over to this post.)

I’m not usually as daring, but the urge struck hard the other day when I spied some small pallets piled on the side of the canal. Before I knew what hit me, I had lugged them home and doused them in a retro shade of robin’s-egg blue. I love the POP! it brings to our dark den.

As usual, I’ll include this disclaimer:

WARNING: Wielding a spraypaint can may send you into a megalomaniac episode. Once you’ve tasted the power of instant colour, you will find yourself aggressively roaming the house looking for blahness to exterminate.

Have you gone wild with any colourful quick fixes recently?