from up there

A few months ago my dad and I climbed the Dom Tower in Utrecht.

utrecht domtoren

A day or so into his visit, my very best “I’ve got it together” face crumpled as I let him in on the daily gauntlet drill:


Why does the fear of failure paralyze me so completely? (self-loathing)

Why am I so stuck – AGAIN – on things I thought I had conquered? (frustration)

Why have my twenties have been rife with all manner of drama? (self-pity)

Why do my problems seem so huge and so damning? (despair)


But then we climbed the 465 steps up a 14th century church tower, and things got….smaller.

utrecht domtoren

I don’t know what I would do without the older, wiser watchmen perched in the rafters of the tower, peering out with long-term perspective on my landscape.


Do you have a watchman/woman up in the tower, deflating the drama and reminding you to be kind to yourself?