fantastical felt

FELT.felt bunting

I’m a fan. It’s soft, sturdy, and is available in the uber-saturated Crayon colours that turn you sappy for elementary school craft time. Felt projects tug me into a fantastical Roald Dahl world.

Here I sewed orange-, coral-, and rosebud-coloured felt hearts onto a persimmon satin ribbon for a quick bunting fix.


Free-style embroidery is an excellent character-building exercise for perfectionists. Freestyling on felt? Let’s just say it’s a double whammy of good stuff for the soul.

felt baby

I have lots of littles in my life, and among other things this means I’m allowed to make finger puppets with impunity.

finger puppet mouse

To end on a cynical note, I’m typing this inside while drinking iced Earl Grey to weave the illusion that it’s warm enough to sit outside under the bunting. But no matter, because….

flags bunting

…tomorrow, armed with enough stitchery and dried cranberries for a 15 hour trip, I’m escaping winter and flying due West to be with my family in beautiful Northern California!  My heart and my skin are SO ready to soak in some warmth. See you on the flip side, friends!