grand life lessons

When flying off a bike and onto a snowy street,  position your hips so as to bruise both your legs equally. Enjoy a week of dancing to “Single Ladies” with epic Beyonce-sized thighs.

biking in the snow

When pondering the clothing conundrum the sleet/hail/rain/snow weather tantrum throws you into, let your feline zen master’s unspoken advice beguile you. Stay inside with your furriest slippers on.

foxy stands watch

When the day’s prospects seem bleak from a 9am vantage point, drink milky coffee from the speckled dragonfly mug your best pal gave you as a reminder of the tween pop hit “Dragonfly” you wrote together when you still lived on the same island. Hum it on repeat the rest of the day.


Happy Friday, friends!