bubble-wrapped lovers

guitar fingers

I have a new beau!

Truth be told, we’ve known each other since I was 10. But if you peeled back the bark and cut a cross-section of our relationship, it would be a giant sequoia trunk of thick/thin, on/off concentric ripples. Some years we saw each other every day, while other years diminished our connection until it was as faint as a smudge of candle flame in a window down the street.

Things got lost in the flux of Le Big Move to this new country. Precious things. I didn’t scribble numbers on all the moving boxes, and I didn’t unpack everything right away.  So here I am, three and a half years later, still untangling essential facets of my identity from the bubble wrap they’ve been languishing in.

It’s hard to be a musician from a musical family married to a musician from a musical family…especially when you’re a self-conscious perfectionist in insecure new digs. So maybe it wasn’t that my music got lost in bubble wrap, but that it got hidden.

All these mixed metaphors to say — we’re on again in a major way, my guitar and I, and my nails are so happy to be chipped again.



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