Yes to Maastricht

As a recovering perfectionist, believe me when I tell you that sometimes you need a little jolt of indulgence. Even when your will is balking and you don’t feel you’ve done enough to deserve a treat. Especially then.

So when my friend and foodie partner in crime invited me to visit her old stomping grounds in the south of Holland, I blinked once and said Yes to Maastricht.

And now let’s drop everything and emit a primal scream. I want to live here — surrounded by 20 glorious squared meters of bread, cheese, pastry and wine.

The charming disarray of this second-hand haven reminded me how much I love muss! And the off-kilter and absurd.

Like this gorgeous absurdity of a cathedral-turned-bookstore/espressobar.

Best of all, we sniffed out several dozen of these antique beauties. I can’t wait to share the exciting scheme we’re brewing up for them and the Bunker! Soon, I promise.

But the sweetest reward of treating yourself to a getaway is the return home with eyes hungry for everyday beauty.

A happy, wide-eyed week ahead to you, friend.