lowercase days

sometimes i write in lowercase because it feels like i have nothing epic or loud or brave to say. especially these days, which have me circling in a weird holding pattern over several life markers i had pinned a different (sooner!) ETA to.

so i drank one too many tea(r)cups of self-pity yesterday and started bemoaning the loss of my momentum and control. it wasn’t my plan to fly so low or to circle so slowly around these airports. actually, it wasn’t my plan to do anything but arrive and achieve and accomplish and succeed. BADA BING! BADA BOOM! BAM! BOOYA! etcetera.

i always roll my eyes at the “it’s all about the journey” quote that people toss you like a patronizing bone to gnaw on while you’re waiting.

but the thing is…

…it’s all about the journey.

with each slow swoop around, i’m a little less obsessed about arriving and a little more okay with just becoming for now.

and you know what? that’s worth a booya! too.