TGIF Tunes: St. Vincent

On a whim, we went to see St. Vincent play last month. We were GOBSMACKED. As in, after each song we couldn’t help but mutter “Wow” audibly and turn to each other with contorted eyebrows and bug-eyes.

The commanding, weird stage presence. The frenetic guitar licks (girl could PLAY). And then the intricate discord. It was dark and it was beautiful.

Her music videos only capture a small sense of her strange energy playing live, but I think you’ll get the idea. We’re so bombarded by top-40 musical clichés that this kind of music scares some people. It makes me feel wild and angsty and alive.

Have a restful weekend, friends! I’m at home today with a flash-flood flu. I’ve got a warm kitten to drape around my achey neck and a soup pot of ginger tea to soothe my throat, so I might just survive.


{Image from Roar E-Zine}