let’s go foraging {norway.2}

See this, children? This is what fishing for your supper looks like. 

Then we pulled on gumboots to comb the mossy marsh below the cottage for cloudberries.

Our lovely host, Helle, smushed them into a tangy jam and slathered it on her homemade rye bread.

Then, some 20 years after reading this book, my blueberry-picking fantasy sprang to life!

Vegetarians are an endangered species so far North, and we certainly didn’t encounter many in the wild. Not used to all the meat (and the snifters of aquavit), we flew home and ate dark leafy greens and fruit for a week straight before coming up for air.

I suppose you could say we foraged these, too – or scrounged them, rather. More on the 10 bags of coffee we brought home and the espressobars we visited in the last episode of our Norway story. (It may or may not involve a celebrity sighting, but I’m not naming names…)