there were never such devoted sisters

Oh I’m such a tease, making you squint through the haze waiting for shapes to form. But if I flick my braid over my shoulder just so and smile my eyes endearingly at you just so, will you forgive me for my summertime hiatus?

The Green-Eyed Girl I mentioned is none other than my sister, come from afar bearing gifts of candied ginger and spice packets and hand-stamped batik! I’ve been feeding her tidbits of my city like tantalizing crumbs, in the hope that she too will convert from Asia to Europe one day. Here she is, the darling.

We see each other only once a year, so it’s a party when we’re properly together in the flesh. This year, the party got REAL.

We’re separated by seven years and seven thousand miles, but we’ve managed to span all the gaps and be jolly good friends regardless.

She’s on her way back to the islands now, and I’m gulping down that familiar cocktail of 1 pt. sad, 1 pt. mad, and 2 pts. wistful.

So I leave you with our triumphant theme song. (For years we’ve scoured the world unsuccessfully for fluffy blue fans. Reader tips are welcome!)