of X and the spot

Oh oh oh it’s been a busy week. The kind where you fall into bed with a pff! on Friday night at 10pm (that being obscenely, “are you sick??” early round these parts).

After eleven hours of sleep (another rare and magical obscenity), we woke up on Saturday morning and decided, Right. Time for a proper adventure today.

The bikes we trussed together at the edge of the forest. Then the forest swallowed us up.

It pulled us past an organic garden run by the hippies I want to be like when I grow up.

Past the cottage where I will live when I’m a hippie granny, and where forest-wanderers will join me for a cuppa from my friendly red teapot.

Past the pancake house where we stopped for a mid-day beer and a little people-watching.

And past the cherry orchard…

where we bought a pound of these beauties for the journey home. We were two happy kids standing in the X on a treasure map.

What dreamy realm swallows you up on your Saturday adventures?