of summer roasting

It’s almost July! *cue vacation shimmy*

During the summer the country sucks in its beer belly and shrinks dramatically. The Dutch enjoy about 25 paid vacation days per year, and many use those days to scuttle as far away from the Netherlands and as far South as possible. A lobster tan is generally considered the very best souvenir.

The Man and I are cooking up some plans to travel, too…but in the opposite direction. Here’s a tasty, tasty clue.

We are beyond stoked to be flying up to the Arctic Circle next month to celebrate two of our favorite people’s love and commitment to each other! So special.

It would be unthinkable to travel through Norway without stopping in Oslo, one of the world’s top coffee capitals, so we’re also going to spend two blissfully caffeinated days visiting a bevy of legendary roasters and espressobars before heading North. Here’s what NYT coffee journalist Oliver Strand has to say about the Scandinavian lighter-than-light roast that we’re so fond of:

If a dark roast cloaks a bean’s flaws, a lighter roast leaves it naked: good coffees are strikingly good, mediocre coffees are powerfully mediocre, and great coffees are epic. One of the reasons why a handful of Oslo roasters — specifically, KaffaSolberg & HansenSupreme Roast Works and Tim Wendelboe — can go light is that they deal in coffee of the highest quality.

Read the rest of Strand’s article about Oslo espressobars and the light roast ethos here. And a random little appearance by my man on Strand’s tumblr, here.

The thought of our compatriots dark-roasting on Mediterranean beaches while we sip light-roast makes me cackle a little, inside. (:

Do you have any fun vacation – or staycation – plans?