of a little fanfare

In the great wide blogosphere, we find ways to give each other kudos and shout-outs and direct some deserved attention to those who brighten our lives, stretch our minds, and remind us of the privilege that it is to be connected.

I am sheepishly pleased that several fellow bloggers thought to nominate me for the following awards, and I’m stoked to pass them along now. You can click on the images to see who nominated me – thank you, guys!

The basic idea is to spread the word and spread the love, so here is a diverse little parcel of  blogs I’d like to direct your attention to:


Finger, Fork, & Knife — beautiful snapshots of unctuous food

Communicating Across Boundaries – musings on living in between cultures

Isavirtue – art, stationary and handwriting

Marginamia – for the love of naming

Wat maakt Suzette nu – vegan, creative, and proud of it

Vegetarian ‘Ventures – down to earth vegetarian

wholly Kao – crafty goodness


There are rules for these awards, but I’m going to bend them. Instead of listing the 5 requisite little-known facts about myself, I thought I’d mix it up and open up the floor to YOU — ask me your burning questions below! It’s only been 2 months since All Mussed Up opened her doors, and there must be things you are curious to know. I’m very prone to diplomatic roundabout answers, but I shall do my best. (: