of TGIF tunes: Kimbra

Yesterday I sat in a coffeehouse of ill repute (when your man works with specialty coffee for a living, you learn to skulk about when visiting chains), wedged myself in an armchair in the gallery directly above the sputtering espresso machine, and let my thoughts wander to the mystical islands of New Zealand, where today’s featured songstress hails from.

Kimbra first burst onto the scene as the body-painted female lead in Gotye’s ubiquitous single Somebody That I Used to Know. It’s taken me three months to get that wretched song out of my head and I live in constant fear of a relapse, so I won’t post it here.  I will, however, zoom in on Kimbra, who is a luscious little starlet in her own right.

This girl is a prodigy as far as I’m concerned. She manages to layer soul, smoke, and sass together seamlessly– wailing one moment, grooving the next. Intelligent lyrics swirl in and out of harmonies, snaps, pops, and bangs. And her stage presence! Goosebumps.

Her record “Vows” is being re-released in the States May 22 with a few extra goodies not on the Australian-produced 2011 original. I can’t wait.

This weekend I’m planning to get acquainted with my new sewing machine, take a long bicycle ride with the Man, and shimmy in the kitchen to top-40 hits. Without shame.

Happy Friday, kids!


{Images via Last.fm and Details}