of mums

I’m not British.

But when I was 12 and at the height of my Jane Austen phase (which has yet to fully pass), I memorized Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 in a BBC accent and began to splice a U into words like color and flavor.

I also started calling my mom Mum. With a U. It stuck, and she’s been my mum ever since. I’m lucky enough to have a sweet mother-in-law now, too, and she is Mam-with-an-A.

I celebrate both of them with all my heart. I also celebrate several other special women — the rare gems who have nurtured, mentored, and loved on me throughout my life. They know who they are.

It’s not officially Mother’s Day ’til next Sunday, but this gives you a whole week to think up a way to give the mothers in your life some extra appreciation.

But hey — what do you call your mother?


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