of tracking the endtimes, or Senioritis, Ltd.

Last year I officially stepped down from my position as CEO of my company, Procrastination, Inc. After 20+ fulfilling years, I was happy to pass the torch to a younger star rising in the corporate ranks.

Since then, I’ve been freelancing for another organization in the same sector. It’s not that Senioritis, Ltd. is up-and-coming, or that the benefits are generous, or even that I enjoy my colleagues, who for the most part are cranky and delusional. It’s just a natural, organic fit.

To supplement my freelance work, I’m moonlighting as the protagonist in my very own DaVinci Code spin-off. That’s me in the trenchcoat, rushing from crime scene to historical relic to mystical painting, piecing together the signs of the endtimes glinting at me. The kicker? I’m also the antagonist.

Meanwhile, I’m assaulted on all sides by anecdotes from well-meaning friends who have walked through the last-semester firey furnace and survived. “This too shall pass” clocks in at first place, and “just do it” is a very close second.

On the trail.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to flood my inbox with more anecdotal commiseration. The sappier the better.