of magical festival times at Tweetakt

Springtime in Utrecht means one thing: return of the festivals!

During the year,  the Neude square is an empty cobblestoned triangle lined with mucky benches. But for ten days every spring, a group of unnaturally creative people hold this square hostage in the name of the Tweetakt Festival, transforming it into a magical space. And for ten days, we live here.

The beautiful friends crowding around makeshift tables, the laughing into the night, the music, the clamoring to buy the next round of drinks.

The whimsical backdrop of lit cast-iron curlicues hoisted in the sky.

The granny-chic design scheme.

The kooky nautical merry-go-round fashioned out of reclaimed sleighs, woks, driftwood bits, neckties, and wheelbarrows. Man-powered, of course, by jolly stripe-shirted Belgian mateys.

The sundrenching. The coffees.

Have a stupendous weekend, friends. See you at Tweetakt!