of blah extermination, or DIY shoe graffiti

Sometimes it feels like I’m coasting on dreamy weekend vibes until Wednesday. My trusty steed Lotje and I have been floating around town, stoned on unexpected March sunshine. I’m not sure you’ve met Lotje yet?

There she is, the little beauty, on a jaunt with her main squeeze.

But it’s Wednesday, people. Time to get serious in here. Time to buckle down and be productive.

What I think I’m saying is, it’s high time to meet friends for some surreptitious mid-week drinks. And it’s very high time to get crafty.

Let’s dig out those sad grey pumps from where they’re cowering in the back of the wardrobe…

and retrofit them with a pop of outrageous colour…

and tada! A bump of luscious, funky colour to strut down the street.

WARNING: Wielding a spraypaint can may send you into a megalomaniac episode. Once you’ve tasted the power of instant colour, you will find yourself aggressively roaming the house looking for blahness to exterminate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.